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Austin Climbing


What does a savy Austin local get out of this guidebook?

This guidebook covers 272 new and old routes that lacked prior guidebook coverage. It also covers 140 new variations and topropes that create useful warmups or easier/harder projects.

For Pace Bend's deep water solos, it shows where to climb, and how best to get in, at each water level.

We found fun routes at all areas. If you ever stayed off a wall because few routes had stars, it's time to take a second look. 


  • local history and stories about the route developers
  • amusing writings by local climbers
  • fun quotes by pros and locals

Covered Climbing Areas:

  • The Greenbelt (including 19 new routes)
  • Georgetown (including 8 new routes)
  • Reimers Ranch (including 48 new routes)
  • North Shore (including 151 new routes)
  • Monster Rock (including 46 new routes)
  • Pace Bend's Deep Water Soloing

Banned and iffy private areas such as Bull Creek's sport routes and Wasp Wall are summarized in an Appendix to make it easier to thumb through all the active areas.

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