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Austin Climbing


Deep Water Soloing

29 pages cover Austin's excellent DWS park. The water stays warm for a long season (late spring through mid-September), making it one of the nation's best DWS areas.

And it's big, with roughly 800 problems appearing and disappearing as the water level changes.

And convenient: lots of problems in a relatively small area. No long swims or cruises around a lake to hit small pockets of problems. Boats are unnecessary. Camping is available in the park. The park's close to fun Austin. Convenience stores and restaurants are five minutes away.

If you buy this guidebook to travel here just for the DWS, first check the lake level: provides a great graphic tool for picking an area that is reasonably safe and fun at the current water level. Its ?More Info? link also provides the current water temperature (via in a chart entitled ?LTTS Water Temperature Profile?. Or, ask the water level and temperature at 512-264-1482 (Travis County Parks).

While the guidebook provides great parking and approach beta, we've had only one summer to study the park. We've built water level tables and estimated problem counts at each water level, but it's a sketch and inaccurate.

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